“Just a quick note on this one from the customer. She has expressed her joy in dealing with your trades and has explained that they have all been ‘very nice chaps’. She has mentioned Stevie Boyd (the big tall man she calls him) and Chris the decorator by name and gave Chris a glowing report about how polite he is and how much of a gentleman he has been. She has gone on to demand his salary is doubled! Mrs Barr has been through a lot with this claim and is not coping well with the upset of it all so for her to come out with these comments at this stage is huge and just shows that she must be very impressed with the guys you have been sending out. I spoke to Chris on site about it and he has advised he has been arriving early and spending half an hour chatting with her before he get started and similarly when he leaves. From dealing with Mrs Barr on a few occasions she is full of chat and it’s the little things like this that make the whole journey easier for her so please pass on our thanks to Chris and the rest of the trades who have been out. “